Occupational therapy is a skilled treatment that helps individuals achieve independence through the use of purposeful activity (occupation) to prevent dysfunction. Occupational therapists are skilled professionals whose education includes the study of human growth and development. The goal of an OT is to help improve motor function, cognitive and emotional abilities, and compensate for loss of function. Their goal is to help individuals have and independent, productive and satisfying life.

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Physical Therapists are licensed in the examination, evaluation, and treatment of physical impairments.  They accomplish this through the use of therapeutic exercise and utilization of other physical modalities.  In addition, they treat patients whose movement and physical abilities have been compromised secondary to aging, injury, surgery or disease.  Physical therapists assist people who are physically challenged to achieve maximum independence.  The goal is to improve mobility as well as self-care, and other functional skills necessary for daily living without the use of medicines, surgery, or other more invasive options.