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Sports Therapy in Frankenmuth, MI
Physical Therapy in Frankenmuth, MI

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Whether you are recovering from an injury or training for the big game, count on Diversified Physical Therapy. Since 1994, we have helped individuals from Frankenmuth, MI, and surrounding communities restore their physical health and wellbeing. We provide physical therapy, sports therapy, and occupational therapy services and treat a full range of conditions and injuries.

New Patient Information

We are welcoming new patients into our care and are here to help you recover strength, stability, and function. Our facility features private treatment rooms, a large gym area, full therapy pool, an unloaded walking system, and a functional training room.

When coming to your initial evaluation, please provide a list of medications along with the dosage and frequency. In addition, please take a moment to download and fill out the new patient paperwork to expedite the check-in at your first appointment.

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Diversified Physical Therapy in Frankenmuth, MI

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